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Gat Creek

Gat Creek Furniture

Gat Creek / Tom Seely Discontinued Items List

The following page of items will be discontinued by Gat Creek / Tom Seely Furniture on January 1, 2014. They will still be available between January 1, 2014 and April 1, 2014 at a 10% upcharge. On April 1, 2014 they will be erased from the system and will no longer be available.

In addition, all Gat Creek / Tom Seely Furniture will no longer be available in Oak after January 1, 2014. Please place your oak orders now to guarantee that it will be filled before the January 1, 2014 deadline.

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Growing up in West Virginia, I lived in a contemporary house surrounded by tall trees and mountains. My brother and I spent many happy hours playing in an idyllic setting that includes a small, rocky creek that now bears my name—because I discovered that creek before my brother did. My love for nature and appreciation of design stems from these early days on Gat Creek. Ultimately, the days of my youth have had a significant impact on my career choices. In 1996, I purchased a small furniture company called Tom Seely Furniture, named for the founder who spent 40 years building antique reproductions, by hand out of solid wood.

Because I am in the furniture business, conversations with friends often revolve around their desire to find a “different” kind of furniture. These friends are people who respect tradition but don’t necessarily want traditional furniture. What they seem to want is the quality found in antiques, but they also express a desire to find furniture with clean, uncomplicated lines. They want the beauty and warmth of wood, yet in a more straightforward type of idiom.

And so, I have taken these conversations to heart. The result is a new line of handmade furniture that I feel speaks to their lifestyles, while showcasing the natural beauty and warmth of wood. While made by the Tom Seely Furniture Company, this new furniture is a total departure both in style and attitude. What we built has caught on, and now we call it Gat Creek.

Gat Caperton
Tom Seely Furniture